How safe is EGFM?

DMS Enviro are the manufacturers of EGFM and they give an absolute guarantee that the recycled glass filter media that they produce is “Sharp Free”. This is stated on their compliance certificate. Questions have been asked on what would happen if there is a catastrophic failure of the collection system at the bottom of the pool filter and the EGFM passes unexpectedly and continuously into the pool and comes in contact with bathers (as happens with sand). This happened at the Wales National Pool in Swansea on the training pool in 2009. As a result about one tonne of media of all grades went into the pool over a period of a few weeks. The EGFM was shown to be no more than dangerous than sand. The pool was not closed. The EGFM was vacuumed out each time the pool was closed. There were no complaints from bathers and more importantly NO CUTS. EGFM has been used on approximately 100 public pools in UK and has never had a cut reported. It has also been used in hundreds of private pools in the UK and many hundreds in Europe again with no reported problems.