Advantages of EGFM

EGFM is more efficient

Saving on backwashing and the resultant water, energy and chemical treatment costs.

  • Its angular to sub-angular particle shape and bound silica content provides a 30% improvement in turbidity removal over silica sand.
  • It generally removes finer particles from water than the equivalent grade of silica sand.
  • Its non porous composition means it is less likely to 'clump' or channel than silica sand.
  • With superior permeability, back washes take less time, saving water/sewer charges, and energy and chemical treatment costs.

EGFM is cleaner

It is less susceptible to bio-fouling as, unlike silica sand EGFM particles have a smoother surface, so bacteria cannot get trapped in any cracks or flaws, which means less remedial action and again less chemical treatment to destroy pollutants.

EGFM requires less material

It is less dense than sand, requiring 15% less media to fill the equivalent filter.

Dia of filter (cm)

Volume if filter bed is 1 mtr (m³)

Total Grade 1 & 3 Sand Required (Tons)

Total Grade 1 & 3 EGFM Required (Tons)

61 0.29 0.15 0.13
160 2.01 3.0 2.6
180 2.54 3.5 3.0
200 3.14 5.0 4.4
250 4.90 8.2 7.2
300 7.07 11.9 10.3

EGFM doesn't degrade

It therefore has a longer life span and may not need changing even when the filters are due for refurbishment.